Koh Lanta


Koh Lanta Yai is a beautiful island in the Andaman Sea located just off the West Coast of Thailand.  It is 27km by 4km and still remains one of the most charming islands in Thailand.  Down the West coast of Koh Lanta there are numerous white sandy beaches and glorious sunsets, while the East coast enjoys the mangroves, jungle and more traditional life of the local community.

Koh Lanta has two distinct seasons, high season, which runs between November and April and the green season, which runs between May and October.  During the high season the weather is more stable, plenty of sunshine and clear waters.  There are substantially more tourists and businesses operating during this period.

The green season on Lanta has also recently become a desirable time to visit the island for some tourists.  Koh Lanta is much quieter, beaches are empty and prices lower.  The weather can be unpredictable, with some tropical storms but there is still plenty of lovely weather with lots of sunshine.  During the green season snorkeling and diving tours are available but are limited and dependent on the weather and number of customers.

Ban Saladan

Lanta Old   Town

National Park

Both Fruit Tree Lodge, and Lanta Yoga remain open for the majority of the “Green Season”, (May to October).  Please contact us in advance for availability and schedules.